Botesdale Lodge Landscape Redesign

When the Clients bought the site, the land surrounding the house was bleak with a mere handful of trees, dilapidated buildings and no garden to speak of; what lawn there was just melded into the grazing land beyond. This environment made the house look uncomfortable in its setting and very cold. However, the potential to create a warm and welcoming aura, which the Clients desired, was enormous. They wanted to create an inviting approach to the property with beautiful gardens flowing around the house, having a presence of colour 365 days of the year.

At the initial meeting between Roger Gladwell, Angela Hart and the Clients, the whole process was explained. Roger expounded a vision of the design and suggested how he felt the construction phase would progress. This discussion resulted in the Clients’ agreement to have a plan drawn up, together with an outline costing, all of which was approved at a second meeting.

Construction started during the winter months, but it soon became obvious that the site had serious problems with flooding. Roger Gladwell provided a new drainage scheme, designed in- house, and laid piping below basement level to a dry pond some distance away on site, incorporating drainage to the proposed garden. Once the land had dried out, 500mm of clay soil was removed from site and replaced with topsoil, imported to stabilise the garden area and prevent further flooding.

During the construction stage, every endeavour was made to achieve the garden that the Clients desired by working closely together with great attention to detail. York stone paving was used on all the terraces, and existing red brick walls either rebuilt or refurbished in an attempt to retain the integrity of the site. Communication between the construction team and the Clients was constant, thus ensuring their satisfaction and cost effectiveness.

The project was completed within both budget and schedule and Roger Gladwell Landscaping is still heavily involved with the continued maintenance of the site.

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